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Hand Water Pump

Hand Water Pump released to the planet the following software utilities:

Activity Indicator - USB Raptor - UDP Tool - XtreMP3

plus, 'a ton' of LCD Smartie plug-ins.


Activity Indicator

It started back in 2006 as a fun coding project. Soon it became the ultimate HDD drive indicator for Windows.

Activity Indicator is the best way to "add a hard drive activity LED to a system that lacks one".

In the latest release its functionality and stability are boosted.

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USB Raptor

USB Raptor

Locking and unlocking your computer it will never be the same again. With USB Raptor you can use any USB memory flash drive as computer key!

Easy to setup and use and secure for your system.

Try it and you will love it.

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Worlds smallest (by means of size interface) streaming radio player!

No more nagging windows on your desktop while you are in the office. Xtremp3 runs just from your system tray.

Easy and full control to the player by using global hotkeys.

The best solution for your office environment.

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Fun stuff

To be added...

For the moment, search the internet,

you will find lot of fun stuff out there!


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